C&C Healthcare is proud to be an Underpin Corporate Partner. We want to support the great work they are doing with their stable of golfers that perform at the highest levels in the game. Along with this support we value our teams & people. Therefore, we work closely with Underpin to add value & enhance the performance of our people.

Underpin is a performance agency working with ambitious and talented golfers and their corporate partners.

Underpin believe that winning is about more than just practice. To succeed at the highest levels, performers in any field, need a team in their corner supporting and guiding them through the demands of high performance.

Their corporate partners work closely with Director of Performance, Duncan McCarthy. Duncan has worked with elite sportspeople, business & their teams for over a decade & has continuously achieved great results with them.

He understands that sport performance & business performance overlap; in sport you are looking to get results through people & in business you are also looking to get results through people.

Duncan’s work varies from client to client, be it 1-2-1 work or his performance talks to teams. One thing is seen in all his work however, he gets results with those who bring an open mind to progress, development & ultimately achievement.

To learn more about Underpin & Duncan’s work in the corporate world contact: duncan@underpinsports.com

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