Jaimie Shires provides expert mental health advice supporting businesses and individuals. Uplift Mental Health provide expert mental health advice, prevention and support strategies that improve mental wellness at work.

Uplift’s Founder and lead Mental Health Specialist, Jaimie Shires, is an experienced, accredited and DBS checked counsellor who works in the corporate market. She has a Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling, Bachelors in Business Administration, a certificate in Mindfulness Teaching and various CPD certificates relating to mental health issues.

Prior to her counselling training, Jaimie worked in the Health Insurance industry, where she gained first-hand knowledge of how employee health benefits fit into an overall well-being strategy. Jaimie also worked as a product specialist supporting clients and sales staff with problems and concerns relating to their policies.

Employer Benefits

As an employer you may experience employees with mental ill health at work, which makes it important to understand how to effectively communicate and support employees with these problems.

Having the ability to provide effective mental health advice, support and training will improve your employees wellbeing, engagement and performance.



Risk assessments and employee surveys Mental health strategy, policy and company culture advice Mental health education (training & workshops)


  • On-site time-limited counselling
  • One-to-one coaching


  • For groups, departments or all staff during organisational change
  • For employees post return-to-work
  • Advice relating to employee mental health issues
  • Conflict resolution or mediation