Empowering employee wellbeing through data, insight and action

Making healthier easier, for everyone.

C&C Healthcare are proud to be working with Champion Health. Supporting our clients mental health is of upmost importance to us and the online services provided by Champion are a great way to make it easier to look after your own and your employees mental health.

With the mission to make health easier, Champion Health provides innovative, evidence-based health and wellbeing solutions for the workplace, developed by world-leading academics, GPs and technology professionals.

Through a team of over 50 professionals and academics, the company is proud to have prevented suicides in the workplace and improved health and wellbeing outcomes across the UK

Access wellbeing action plans.

Personalised to every member of your team. Take action to improve wellbeing inside and outside of work.

Train your body
and brain.

Workouts, mindfulness, nutrition plans and more – everything you need in one place. Better wellbeing through simplicity.

Build and sustain
new habits.

Positive progression that you can see. Track and monitor your wellbeing with daily check-ins, journaling and live analytics.

Are you ready to create positive change in your organisation?